Discovering HT CUCINE is an eye-opening experience, a world of uninterrupted research and development of high-quality products, in which that Made in Italy design, architecture, expertise and experimentation, internationality and culture come together in furnishing the kitchen and living room. HT CUCINE translates ideas and feelings into functional, practical and exciting interiors. This fantastic experience moves forward alongside architects and designers to turn the most fascinating projects into reality. Aesthetic sensitivity, design talent, construction quality and operational efficiency are the distinctive features that truly define our commitment. We are a spokesperson with an all-Italian characteristic of seeking, imagining, and discovering beauty, finding it in its most hidden forms and expressions, in the combination and choice of the most unusual materials, and then unveiling this beauty with products and processing methods designed to revolutionise space in perfect harmony with the interior.



Our production unit has been designed to guarantee the highest quality of the finished product, whether it be a kitchen, a living room or a bathroom. We adopt a working method that preserves the care and attention of true wood experts, combining it with the continuous technological innovation of the production lines.
All this, under the careful control of our staff who manage the entire production cycle that takes place entirely within the company.