The Sixty programme arises as a response to today’s living needs. For some years, habits and relationships between users and the food and wine world have changed, thanks to publishing, the media, participation in courses for women and men who have clearly demonstrated curiosity, sensitivity and interest in the vast universe of food and making quality food for yourself and friends. New interests, new needs and new concepts have entered the kitchen. From books to professional appliances, to the most congenial materials for kneading, preparing, cooking and serving. Sixty’s design stems from creativity and reigns freely in the space between the kitchen and the living room. Sixty represents the victory of the unexpected, it is the Italian house on a human scale, where practicality reigns and nothing is left to chance– where the priority in the kitchen is to give substance to the main functions, cooking, washing and storing food in the cold. Sixty means traveling new domestic landscapes in the living room area, with a minimalist taste, yet also with a high degree of elegance.